Sunday, October 23, 2011

Preparing for your Puppy

I know I've shared some of this with some of you verbally, but I thought I'd write it down to help make it simple.

The pups will be fed Orijen Puppy when they are old enough for solid food.  Another excellent brand is Acana Puppy.   The things I like about these brands are:  grain-free, high protein, probiotics, and vegetables and herbs which aid in health and digestion.  I also recommend Omega 3 (Salmon Oil, Coconut Oil, Flaxseed/Borage Oil) and Cranimals (cranberry + supplement).

If you can bring a blanket or towel, I will put it in the bin with the pups so when you take the pup home it will have something that smells like its littermates.  You will also need a collar and leash.  Their first collar will be quite small.  If you want to buy a crate, ask the sales clerk for one that will comfortably fit an adult of 25+lbs.  You can put a box in it in the early days to make it appear smaller to a small pup.  I would suggest a wire crate for at home.  If you want a portable crate, I like the soft sided crates.  But if you prefer the plastic crates, that is fine too.

In terms of books, I really like Jennifer Arnold's "Through a Dog's Eyes".  It combines a dog training philosophy, training guidance, and story into one.  Another great book that provides insight into dogs' minds is Dr. Temple Grandin's "Animals make us Human". It is about all animals, not just dogs (there is a chapter on each).  It is not a training book, but provides insight into the way dogs think.  And it is a very interesting read.  Dr. Grandin is autistic and she has used the insight that gives her to improve animal welfare practices significantly, especially for cattle.

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