Friday, September 7, 2012

Time to get blogging again.....

With puppies on their way at the end of October, it is time for me to get blogging again.   I always get a little lazy when I don't have pups in the house.

Guinness was successfully mated with Down Under's Hot Sake on August 23 and 24.  Guinness and I drove down to North Carolina for a natural mating.   The pups will be born around October 21 to 23.   We are accepting 2 more reservations at this time.   That may increase after we do our ultrasound on September 18.

Next up with be Hershey and Juno - not sure who will go first.   Juno is starting to get a bit moody, so that could mean a heat in the next couple of weeks.   Hershey will be mated with Kodiak and Juno will be mated with Spirit and/or Baloo.   I can't decide which boy to use, so I may just do a dual sired litter for fun!  We have a few spots open on these reservation lists.

We got another new stud prospect today.   His name is Killian's Irish Red.  He is a beautiful mini F1B labradoodle.   It is exciting to be able to add new genetic lines to our program.   Now if we could only find a lovely mini F1B chocolate boy!

We are still looking for guardian homes for Roisin and Nadira.   It looks like Oria will be going to the Netherlands to be a breeding dog there.  That will be an exciting new life for her!

Will post again after we have Guinness's ultrasound.

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