Sunday, March 27, 2011

And Then There Were Three

Six of the nine pups have gone to their new homes.  Early reports back indicate everyone is doing very well! This is excellent news.  The last adopted pup is leaving this afternoon, which just leaves the two that are still waiting for their forever family to come find them.  Things are much quieter.  Cassonade has more time to enjoy the pups now that she isn't swarmed by nine every time she goes near them.  They are also having an excellent time playing with Guinness, who is still a pup herself.

Juno's pups seem happy in their warm and safe environment inside their Momma.  I don't expect they will be arriving today.  Maybe tomorrow!  The x-ray revealed five pups.  It is exciting to have one unexpected pup.  And five is an easily manageable number for a Momma.  I'm very anxious for their arrival as Juno produces interesting colours and markings.

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